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Grant Writing and Consulting Services 


Carol Bornstein, MPA, GPC, is the owner/principal of Carol Bornstein Consulting, LLC.


Carol’s expertise as a senior-level grant writer and fundraising consultant is gleaned from more than 35 years of professional experience with various non-profit arts, social services, disability services, healthcare, and education organizations.


Carol’s primary area of focus is on writing winning grant proposals on behalf of her nonprofit clients – many of whom either have insufficient resources to support a full-time grant writer, or who need additional support for existing grant writing staff.

  • Review of current grants, programs, and funding needs

  • Proposal writing, reviewing, editing and proof-reading

  • Funder prospect research

  • Program and budget development

  • Executive coaching and mentoring in fund development

Grant Management
  • Calendar management

  • Post award grant reporting

  • Project management


The services of Carol Bornstein Consulting, LLC fees are based on the client’s specific needs. Typically, Carol works with six-month contracts and does not accept any one-time project work. Before any work begins, Carol will provide a written quote and outline of services provided, which upon agreement by both parties, will be included in a signed agreement. There is no charge for an initial consultation with a needs assessment.

Carol Bornstein Consulting, LLC adheres to the strict ethical standards set forth by the Grant Professionals Association (GPA) and never works on a commission.  

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